Hatch Room Booking  

  Study Room Bookings  


Any MES Member, Club or Team is welcome to book one of Hatch's 2nd level study rooms. Each room has a number of tables, outlets, a whiteboard and a Smartboard that can be connected wireless via computer.

Before accessing the Hatch study rooms, students should have a Access Card which can be purchased for $10  CASH deposit at The Hub located in JHE 216A. The Hub is open Monday-Friday  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Booking Instructions

Hatch Room Bookings consist of hourly sessions from 7:00AM - 11:30 PM every day. A user may multiple bookings for any room up to 6 sessions (3 hours) per day. Bookings are officially made once the Hatch Coordinator has approved submitted booking requests.