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Hey everyone, if you love sports then you’re in the right spot! We’re Zan and Connor, and for 2019/2020 we are the MES sports coordinators! Over the year we will be running a few hype events to look out for.


These include the Ratboy soccer tournament, and the Ratboy dodgeball (do you remember the 5 Ds of dodgeball?)! Another sweet thing we offer is subsidies for your intramural team, if it is composed of 80% or higher MES members!


You just need to fill out the form included on the website, and submit it to the sports drop box in the Engineering Lounge (First floor Hatch). After that you can sign up your team with IMLeagues here.



Hey Everyone! We hope you can dodge a fireball because that’s exactly what’ll be happening at the MES DodgeFireball tournament! This will be a classic dodgeball tournament with classic rules as used in intramurals (full rules can be found here) .


The tournament will run from 5:00-9:00 PM, with the first part being a round robin, with the schedule posted closer to the event. The second part will be an elimination phase, culminating in an eventual winning team. Please dress accordingly for dodgeball, and prepare for an awesome evening! There will be pizza, snacks and drinks available for all participants and volunteers!


We’re also looking for a few referees for the day, so if you know anyone that’s willing to help, get them to fill out this form!


If you are also participating in the tournament, we’ll make sure that your ref times don’t interfere with your game schedule!  For this tournament, there will be teams for the engineering streams (i.e. Eng Phys team, Chem Eng Team), and department reps will be in charge of organizing these teams.


There will also be an open sign up for those who wish to make their own teams, but a player can only sign up for one team for the tournament. There will be a minimum of 2 female identified players per team to be eligible.


The open registration form is : HERE and will close on Tuesday, January 7th, 11:59 PM.


To join a department team, email your department representative. Don’t know your department’s emails? You can find them all below!

Google forms will be updated as soon as we receive them!





Electrical and Computer:









**Management and Society students please sign up with your respective departments! **


If you would like to join another department’s team, please email the representative of that team to ask for permission. If you have any questions about the tournament, feel free to email us at !