Meet The Team  

  MES Executives  

  VP External  

The VP External is a liaison between the McMaster Engineering Society and external organizations to advocate for important issues in the engineering student community and share best practices with student societies across the country.

Amy Gullins

VP External

  VP Academic  

The VP Academic liaises with the Faculty and department representatives regarding the academic concerns of the engineering student body, organizes academic initiatives of the Faculty of Engineering and the MES, helps in developing and reviewing new courses, manages numerous committees, and liaises with the SRA & MSU Senate representatives with regards to relevant university issues such as tuition and course evaluations.

Alex Moica

VP Academic

  VP Student Life  

The VP Student Life exists to create a well-rounded and fun student experience for our members. This is achieved by overseeing all MES events including Fireball, Kipling, Wellness and Sports. As well as assisting our various Clubs & Teams with EOHSS, event coordination, Hatch space use or in any other ways they may need. The VP Student Life also supervises all internal matters within the MES and is available to fill in for the President in case of their absence!

Aya Aboughanem

VP Student Life


The President brings the McMaster Engineering Society together and steers the team, and their goals, to be in line with the vision of having all Faculty of Engineering students at McMaster have a great student experience that builds them up for social and professional success. Be it through ensuring a connected and organized team exists, to working with the Elections Committee, Equity and Inclusion Officers, and Welcome Week Coordinators, or meeting with students in the community to understand upcoming concerns to shift what the MES is doing to support hem better, the President exists to ensure that the team carries out this vision.

Melissa Cusack-Streipe


  VP Finance  

The VP Finance & Administration is responsible for setting up the MES for success through developing a budget at the start of the year, and maintaining the funds through that year.  Furthermore, the VP Finance & Administration oversees multiple administrative aspects of the MES, including The Drain Swag Store, the publications of the MES, and the administration of MES meetings.

Ian Currie

VP Finance

  VP Communications  

VP Communications is a brand-new position introduced by the MES that puts focus on MES branding and promotion to its members as well as the McMaster University community. The VP Communications also works to improve the image of the MES and develop new and creative ways to engage students in events, services, clubs, and teams supported by the MES. Given this is a new role, we, the MES, expect the responsibilities to further develop throughout the inaugural year.

Roberta Boreham

VP Communications

  MES AVPs  

  Clubs and Sponsorship  


Hey there I'm Hawk. Interested in starting a new Club, Group, Affiliate, or Team? Do you have some cool sponsorship or discount ideas for the (highly useful!) MESCard? I'm your guy!

  Academic Resources  

Image from iOS_edited.jpg

Hey everyone! I’m your AVP Academic Resources, Terrel Marshall. I’ll be responsible for organizing MES Help Sessions and Catch-Up Sessions to prepare our Level I students for midterm tests. I also run the MES textbook library, where all students can access resources for courses both in and outside the Faculty of Engineering!

  Services And Productions  


I'm Yovana, your AVP Services and Productions for this upcoming academic year! I help oversee some fantastic publications like The Plumbline, The Frequency and the handbook! If you need to rent a tent, radios, or sports equipment, let me know! Can't wait to help produce some services for you!



Hello! I’m Erin and I’m this years AVP Events. I’ll be responsible for social events happening within the Mac Eng Society with the help of a Social Committee. I plan to make our events more inclusive and appealing to a wide range of students. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

  MES Support Societies