A Look Back at McMaster Engineering Competition 2018

With MEC 2019 coming up November 2-3, 2019, we’re looking back to last year’s

competition and focusing on one part that was unique to the competition last year!

The 2018 McMaster Engineering Competition (MEC) chaired by Aya

Aboughanem was a grand event, organized to test the minds of many bright students in

the various fields of engineering. The event improves every year with MEC 2018 having

over 500 students participate and having many courses offer bonuses. There were new

exciting challenges for each of the 8 categories (Junior/Senior Design, Innovative

Design, Programming, Consulting, Debating, Communications, Re-Engineering). The

1st place team in each category was sent to compete at the Ontario Engineering

Competition which was being hosted at McMaster in January 2019. It was a jam packed

weekend of challenges, innovation, and much more. The competition had many kind

sponsors who also volunteered their weekend to judge the finalists of the competition.

Among those sponsors was a very special individual, credited towards proposing