A Message From the MES President

Dear MES Members,

Welcome to the start of the 2019-2020 McMaster Engineering Society year! I have been acting as your MES President for just around one month and wanted to take this opportunity to keep you up to date on some big plans that we have for this year, especially the work that we, the MES Executive, will be focusing on over the summer to prepare for your return to campus in the fall.

Meet This Years’ Team

The MES Executive is a team of six dedicated members: President (myself), VP Student Life (Aya Aboughanem), VP Finance & Administration (Ian Currie), VP Academic (Alex Moica), VP Communications (Roberta Boreham), and VP External Relations (Amy Gullins). This team is supported by four AVPs, two Officers, 14 Department and Program Representatives, six First Year Representatives, and around 40 Coordinators, Chairs, and Editors. These members are brought together by the desire and goal to improve your undergraduate experience here at Mac. Be it through advocating to the faculty about academic changes, providing opportunities for you to build your community, building your professional development skills, or working to support clubs and teams, we are here to help you make the most of your undergrad.

Major Goals for the Summer

Although some major changes will be coming to the MES this year due to recent government mandates around Student Societies on campuses, the MES is dedicated to ensuring that the integrity of why we exist stays strong through the changes.

Some of the major topics that we will be working on over the coming months include:

· Creating a consistent MES brand and advertising strategy so that you hear about the events and services that you’re looking for

· Creating and publishing an MES calendar of events so that you can keep track of different opportunities, and so that we as a community can ensure our events are spread out rather than clumped together

· Working on setting the groundwork for 24 hour Hatch Access, as this will require several stages to be implemented, and therefore starting the work on the policy required by the university will allow the ball to keep rolling

· Setting up HR Policies for MES Council Members and Executives to ensure that the team is well trained, and well aware of the expectations around being part of this team

· Performing a review of the services and the events the MES offers to identify how we can improve them

Exciting Upcoming Opportunities

Although we have many new ideas that we are exploring, we have a few new opportunities within the MES that we have done enough work on that we are already excited to share them with you:

· First Year Experiential Conference: this year the MES will be running a conference for first year students to learn about the experiences Mac has to offer, and to build their community and connections

· Committed Lead for the Sustainability Committee: in the spirit of moving the MES towards considering its operational sustainability and ensuring that MES members are involved in sustainability initiatives at Mac, this year there is a new Sustainability Coordinator who will provide advice to Event Planners on how they can incorporate sustainability in their planning, as well as chair the MES Sustainability Committee

· Larger Focus on Giving Back to the Community: as a continuation of the Community Clean-Ups that Culture Committee started last year, the MES will be looking for more ways to connect with and volunteer in the Hamilton Community

· MES Mentorship Program: focused on ensuring First Years are connected to their community the MES will have a structured mentorship program this year through which first years can get advice on everything from opportunities in the community to managing academic workloads

If you’re interested in any of the opportunities we have outlined above, or have ideas on what the MES can do, please reach out anytime, or stop by Hatch H202 (our office) to chat.

Good luck on exams and enjoy your summer,

Melissa Cusack Striepe

President, McMaster Engineering Society