Academic Assistance

The transition from high school to university studies can be a daunting task. In this edition of The Frequency, details will be provided about various tutoring programs, upper-year review sessions, and tips for success in University for upcoming first-years students.

Tutoring Programs:

There are many tutoring options that are easily accessible to students at McMaster. One example of an extremely useful tutoring service is TutorOcean, which allows students to search for tutors and filter their search results by institution, subject, course code, and tutor name. The cost of a tutor using this service is 18 dollars per hour. TutorOcean also allows students to participate in online tutoring sessions which is especially useful given the current social distancing guidelines. This service is very useful for students struggling in a particular subject and need one-on-one assistance learning the material. Many of the tutors that teach these courses are past students, so they have first-hand experience with the material which enables them to share useful tips about studying for the course most effectively. On McMaster’s website, there is a section called Peer Tutoring which has a link to McMaster’s TutorOcean page, where only certified McMaster tutors are posted. The Peer Tutoring section also provides instructions for students who want to become tutors. A student must achieve a minimum grade of A- or 10 on McMaster’s scale to be eligible. This service can be an excellent way for experienced upper-year students to help out their fellow Marauders and also earn money in the process. Another very popular tutoring service is Prep101; however, Prep101 is not a McMaster service. Prep101 sessions typically occur before a test or exam. These sessions typically feature live instructional review from an instructor along with a package consisting of past tests and additional practice problems.

Upper-year Review Sessions:

If you are a student who needs help before a test but would rather not spend any money for a service, there are many upper-year review and tutoring services that are free. An example of one of these services is the McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society. This sub-society helps students in first-year physics courses with questions related to key concepts, homework problems, assignments, and practice test problems. This includes Physics 1D03 and Physics 1E03. Another useful tool for students is McMaster’s Engineering Society. The society frequently offers preparation sessions or fun events that allow students to take a break from their studies. In order to keep up to date with these events, students can search for McMaster Engineering Society’s website and select “Events” to see a calendar of upcoming sessions.

General Tips and Advice for First-year Students:

University can be a daunting experience, however it is also one that can be very fun and interactive. Students coming from high school quickly realize that University is a different experience that allows them to explore their interests. Students adjust to the new environment at different paces so it’s very important for students to consider their mental health throughout this process. Eating healthy, getting lots of sleep, and exercising seem like cliché recipes for success, however those three things alone can greatly improve a student’s ability to learn. Being proactive and making schedules that catalog dates for assignments and tests can also help students stay on top of their workload.

Written by: Taylan Dalkan