Exam Prep 101

Eileen Cornejo

With exam season upon us, everything seems to get more chaotic. Whether these are your first exams or your last, we can all agree that this time of year is not fun. However, it doesn’t have to be horrible. We want to present you with some studying strategies that can hopefully help you through this time.


First of all, planify your time. Although it sounds cliché, setting your tasks and goals for the day, or even for the week, can be extremely beneficial for your peace of mind. Set attainable goals for the day and do not overcrowd your list. Remember to include study breaks (and to actually take them!)


Our second tip is that you should find the perfect study playlist. Different people study with different sounds (or no sounds at all!). Try new playlists or different ambient noises and find the best match

for you! It could be tunes that you know by heart, or some unique whale songs. Maybe classical music, or perhaps some rock. Don't be afraid to try new music, genres, or artists. Tip: sources (Twitter) claim that listening to the Super Mario theme song helps you concentrate and work faster. Try it out for yourself!


Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate for hours and hours on end. Especially if you are studying in

your room, where you can see your cozy, comfy bed right next to you… A new location might help you

concentrate and get more studying done. Check out our article “Study Spaces”, to find your new study space.


Finally, take care of yourself!!!! Studying for long periods of time can be hard on your body and mind. Take breaks, eat nourishing foods, drink enough water, move your body, and get enough sleep. These all sound like basic things, but amongst all the chaos that exams bring, we can often forget them. Remember that if your body is feeling tired, you won’t be able to study effectively, so take care of it. Your body does so many wonderful things for you—show it some love.

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than usual during exam season, but don’t let it get the better of you. Be prepared, reach out to family, friends, or some of the resources at Mac for emotional and academic support. We’re all in this together! And remember that you are not defined by your grades, you are a whole person capable of wonderful things.