Get to Know the 2022-23 MES President!

Eileen Cornejo

As you might or might not know, the 2022-2023 McMaster Engineering Society (MES) President was recently elected. We decided to chat with her about her goals and plans for the future of the MES so that you can get to know her better. Keep reading to check out the interview!

Hi, Sheridan. First of all, congratulations on being the 2022- 2023 MES president! Could you please introduce yourself to those who might not know you yet?

Hi! Thank you so much! My name is Sheridan Fong, pronouns she/her. I am in level III of Software and Biomedical Engineering. I am your current Vice President Student Life and as you mentioned, your incoming President for next year.

I know that you have been part of the MES for some time now, what have been some of your previous roles and what motivated you to run for presidency?

I first joined the MES in my 2nd year, I was one of the internal affairs coordinators. I had the opportunity to plan National Engineering Month events. I enjoyed the welcoming community of the MES, and I have a passion for event planning. After my appointed position in internal affairs, I decided to run in my first ever election, which has led me to my role as VP Student Life. This role has allowed me to plan events, help make changes to the engineering community and connect with students. One of my biggest accomplishments is increasing equity, diversity and inclusion training by 4x for all council members. I ran for President because I was inspired by all of the awesome initiatives and the mission of the MES.

I also know that you are involved in multiple clubs outside the MES. Could you tell me more about that? And how do you manage your time between multiple extracurriculars and being an engineering student?

Yes, for sure! I’m also involved with the Student Health Education Center (SHEC), which is an MSU service. I am the training and development coordinator, so this past year, I trained over 50+ volunteers on how to give peer support on topics such as mental & physical health, sexual education, substance use and harm reduction. I am passionate about health education and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the role. I am also a member of the Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) on campus. The key to balancing all of my extracurriculars and my engineering workload is being involved in activities that I enjoy. I love the missions and activities of MES, SHEC and CCF, so I view these commitments as enjoyable breaks from school rather than more work.

What is one of your favourite memories from being a part of the MES?

One of my favourite memories would be planning the end-of-year Fun Fair Fundraiser with Darya, the AVP Events, in support of Youth Mental Health Canada. It was such a great experience to be able to plan a largescale event. I was able to put on my party planner hat and execute activities like the petting zoo and obstacle course. The day of the event was very gratifying; we had over 750+ students attend and raised over $1490! The end-of-year event is not usually an event the MES hosts but I look forward to continuing it in future years.

During your campaign, you mentioned that your 3 pillars would be inclusion, education, and transparency. What made you choose these?

These three pillars are something I hold close to my heart. I chose inclusion as the MES should represent every engineering student at McMaster. I believe it’s the MES’s responsibility to ensure students feel they are in a safe(r) environment where they can grow and participate in our activities. Education is my second priority as the MES has so much to offer and often times information is lost. We put on dozens of activities each year that are available to all undergraduate students. Our events range from wellness sessions to Physics 1E03 review classes and pub nights! The MES has tons to offer to students and we’d love to be able to educate you on all the MES can do. The last pillar is transparency, first and foremost we serve you as students. You may not know this, but each year students pay ~$50.00 fee to the MES. The MES then uses this money to help put on awesome events and initiatives for students. I want to be honest about how we spend our time, money and resources.

Some engineering students, especially first years, might not know about the responsibilities of the MES president. Could you describe what the role entails and what you plan to bring to it?

The MES president is responsible for supervising all the activities of the MES and its affiliated committees. We have multiple committees, clubs, teams and groups affiliated with us, and it’s my responsibility to help maintain the integrity of the MES through them. I’ll be working with the faculty, my executive team and the student body to ensure that all of our activities help foster a safe(r) inclusive environment.

Any last comments you want to share? Ways to contact you?

The MES has tons of wonderful opportunities to get involved. Never be afraid to shoot your shot because who knows? You might be the next President of our student body. If you have any questions, concerns or new ideas that you would like to implement with the MES, feel free to reach out to me at


And there you have it! We hope that this interview helped you understand more about the MES Presidency and its initiatives, and don’t forget to reach out to Sheridan if you have any ideas or concerns about the MES. Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you in the Fall!