Housing at McMaster University: Tips and Tricks

In this edition of The Frequency, some helpful tips and information will be shared about housing with our fellow Marauders. One really useful tool is McMaster’s housing service on McMaster’s website. All you need to access many of the features of this service is your Mac ID. Using this tool, students can look for rental listings, learn about neighborhoods outside of campus, and also even learn about the technicalities that go along with the pursuit of housing. This provides upper-year students with some information regarding financing and the community around them in order for them to make the most educated decision possible. In addition, the Mac Off-Campus Rental Listings feature is a useful tool for students to look for off-campus housing. It allows landlords to list their property while providing details about cost and style of the rooms listed. This service also provides future students information about living in residence on-campus. This includes: tips about what to bring to residence, how to approach encounters with your roommate, different styles of rooms and the associated fees, and even information about dining on-campus. Following the coronavirus pandemic, residence has only been made available for students with exceptional circumstances, however this service still provides students with a useful resource if they have any questions about any of the aforementioned topics. The website also provides information about events going on in residence or on-campus and additional information about the communities and academic centres around campus.

Other Housing Boards:

There are many additional housing boards and rental listings outside McMaster’s service. With a quick google search, dozens of websites can be found online that also feature housing services. Since these websites are not regulated and advertised by McMaster, it is important that students are careful and do the necessary research to uncover the best possible housing options for themselves. These external resources can be found on websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.

Other Tips and Advice:

One important process for students is choosing the roommates that they want to live with. For many students this is a concern because ideally someone wants to become roommates with people they know and are comfortable with. The best way to position yourself for this situation is to communicate with your peers and discuss your ideal price range, location, and style of housing. These same guidelines apply for first year and upper-year students. Many students go to see homes or apartment rooms together in an effort to find the best location for everyone. Communication is a very important element when selecting a room together; it is important that everyone is on the same page and in agreement with the expenses. It is also important to consider how you plan to arrive at school. Planning ahead of time by researching public transportation routes or routes by walking/biking can better reassure you of the decision you are making. Lastly, accessibility to food and day-to-day products is a consideration that upper-year students need to make. Many students like to live near grocery stores because it makes food more accessible and conveniently allows students to purchase these items so they can continue their studies.

Written by: Taylan Dalkan