McMaster Medical Engineering Design Team


The McMaster Medical Engineering Design Team (MED-T) is a multi-disciplinary, student-lead community that shifts its focus towards technical design project work with particular interest in medical applications. The team’s aspiration is that students from McMaster who engage in this community will gain useful hands-on experience from the development of medical technology and develop an interest in furthering their learning in the field of biomedical engineering. In addition, the team aims to provide undergraduate students with a community from various disciplines to better offer exposure, resources, and project experiences relevant to the field of biomedical engineering.

Ultimately, MED-T’s mission is to portray biomedical engineering as an increasingly approachable field for students by promoting it as a viable career prospect. This is done through connecting students with academic resources and career opportunities while also teaching the technical expertise and transferable skills necessary for the field through the completion of design projects.


Since one of the team’s ambitions is to connect and guide students towards the necessary resources and skills, many events are conducted to give rise to this learning. There are workshops in order to help expose students to some of these necessary foundational skills such as learning how to develop Python algorithms pertaining to a real-life situation like modelling the epidemiological implications of COVID-19. Some events often involve guest speakers that can further guide and motivate students in their pursuits of a career or Co-op. Finally, there are also info nights where students interested in MED-T are provided with an overview of MED-T’s activities for the year while getting to meet the leadership team and learning how they can get involved.


MED-T is currently engaged in several fascinating projects. One of these projects includes a cardiac function simulator that aims to replicate a patient’s circulatory function based on clinical images and clinically measured data in a patient’s body. This project is being approached and designed from the perspective of an academic researcher. Ultimately, the objective of this subteam is to further design and develop novel medical technology and theoretical breakthroughs to provide more input in the desired subfield of biomedical engineering. This project will further expose students to academic research, technical skills, and potential graduate school opportunities.

Another project includes the design of prosthetics. This subteam will be working on designing and prototyping a low-cost EMG controlled transradial forearm-to-hand prosthetic. This project is being tackled from the perspective of a commercialized engineering startup designer. This means that the student subteam will be responsible for project oversight, medical standard constraints, budgeting, designing, and construction as though they were a startup. In comparison to the previously mentioned subteam, this team will adhere to the financial, legislative, and user constraints that often challenge designers in an industrial setting. Ultimately, the objective of this subteam is for students to gain a heightened understanding of the design process of commercial medical products in entrepreneurship developments.


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Written by Taylan Dalkan