Queens Space Conference

A long time ago (February 2019) in a galaxy far, far away (Kingston), a delegation of 24 McMaster students attended the Queens Space Conference. We learned about the new space innovations in both Canada and around the world, with seminars about topics such as methane detecting satellites and exoplanets. Delegates also had the opportunity to compete in a case competition, working in groups to solve the very real problem of space junk accumulating in the upper atmosphere. This space junk will impact future space missions as it can damage new spacecrafts if collisions occur. Two McMaster delegates were part of the winning team, proposing an idea that combined both policy and new technology to be implemented to mitigate this problem. Another prominent topic of the weekend was the future of the space industry, and the potential roles that students attending the conference may one day have. #DontLetGoCanada is an initiative focused on educating the public about the contributions Canada has made in the space industry and incentivising the continued support of Canadian based space exploration. A group of delegates was highly passionate about this idea and would like to continue promoting #DontLetGoCanada at McMaster. Overall, the weekend allowed passionate students from a variety of Universities to come together and learn about important technological and research based advancements, ultimately generating even more interest about the topics. The Queens Space Conference is a unique opportunity for undergrad students and a great way to meet others who are passionate about the space and the future of innovation.


Edited by: Rica Yacon