Rule of Three: Three Must Know ...

Eileen Cornejo

Engineering Buildings

John Hodgins Engineering Building (JHE):

Easily identifiable thanks to the iconic Iron Ring at its front entrance. This is home to all Engineering things such as Professors' offices and laboratory spaces. It is also adjacent to Hatch. There you can find the academic and CO-OP advising offices in addition to The Drain.

Burke Science Building:

BSB is located in front of the JHE field. Thanks to its big lecture halls, it houses a number of first-year classes and midterms. BSB houses the W.J McCallion Planetarium, a must-see during your time at Mac.

Engineering Technology Building:

ETB, or the 'ice cube', is where you can find some of the coolest Engineering spaces. For example, the EPIC lab is where you can (and probably will) 3D print your designs and projects. You can also find the Elliptical lab, a room designed for optimal acoustics!



Perfect spot for a quick caffeine fix or a fulfilling breakfast. Stop by the Health Sciences Centre to try this amazing coffee spot. Their breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheeses are guaranteed to make your day just a little bit better.

Second Cup:

Find Mac's newest coffee spot inside PGCLL. From steaming hot coffee to iced lattes and cups of tea; Second Cup has everything to get you through those 8:30 classes. Hungry? Grab a warm cream cheese bagel or a fluffy muffin.

Caffeine the Elements:

This little cafe, located inside BSB, has some of the best iced coffee on campus. With a wide variety of syrups to choose from you can *spice up* your drink in no time. Its location is very convenient if you are ever in a rush but need the caffeine to keep you going.


H.G. Thode Library:

Thode is THE engineering library. Need to cram for exams or have a chill studying session? This is the place for you. You will be surrounded by fellow engineers who can help you figure out those tricky math problems, and you can help yourself to tools in the Makerspace for any personal or school-related projects.

Mills Memorial Library:

Everything and anything you could possibly need is here. From Humanities to Social Sciences, Mills is the perfect place to conduct research for your electives or join your friends from other programs for a study session.

Health Sciences Library:

Located inside the Health Sciences Centre, this library offers a space for everyone. It has a silent study area, individual cubicles and large group study tables. Plus, you can always find a puzzle to complete at the front entrance!