Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM)

If you are involved in any team, club, or department at Mac Eng you have probably heard of SAGM. SAGM is McMaster Engineering Societies’ Semi-Annual General Meeting. It runs every semester hence the name Semi-Annual. This meeting is where the McMaster engineering community is informed about the current operations of the engineering society, announcements of Musical theme, ratification of new clubs and reports from existing clubs.

This year SAGM was conducted online given the current situation. Even in our online setting we had over 200 people who attended SAGM 1. For this meeting, each department must have a minimum number of attendees to represent their department. This year we had great turnout from all departments and some departments had double the minimum required quorum.

At the meeting, we ratified all the appointed positions that were selected at end of winter 2020 term. We welcomed our new Computer Science rep; Victoria Robinson, six new First Years reps, Eng 1: AJ Kourabi, Darya Sadeghi, Ryan Kumar, BTech: Michael Girgis, Comp Sci; Tasneem Bint Abdul Majid and iBioMed; Rosalie Wang.

One of the big changes we had this year was the introduction of the MES Bylaws document. This change makes it easier for MES members to go through documentation by making them more organized and structured. This change was reflected in the constitution. All new changes to the constitution were presented and voted on. The motion passed with majority. Another big moment was that we recognized iBioMed society as a program Club within MES. Though in the past iBioMed society worked with MES and got funding, it was not officially recognized. Now, it is more official and an overall better step for the future. We also welcomed Leading Edge as a MES group. Leading Edge presented their accomplishments from last year as an MES affiliate along with their future plans as a MES Group.

Lastly, our MES execs gave their accountability presentations and spoke about all the new changes and initiatives they are working on. Andrew D’Elia, VP Academic, talked about academic advocacy, taking students’ feedback on online learning, and bringing that feedback to the faculty. Damilola Fadiya, VP External, mentioned external organizations and their work with schools regarding proctoring software and student’s mental health at these times. Emma Mandel, VP Finance, ensured us that our finances are in good standing. She is working on a new process for mailing reimbursement cheques. Terrel Marshall, VP Communications, worked on making a more structured and cohesive brand for the MES. He introduced a new branding guideline document to help streamline branding across all platforms. Alex Moica, President, spoke on the action plans he worked on with NSBE, revisiting the MES Long Term Plan, checking in with clubs and teams during COVID times and working on policy overhaul and the creation of the new Bylaws document.

It was a productive Sunday evening and we had a great turnout, I would like to thank everyone that came out to SAGM fall 2020. If you want to know details on any of the points mentioned, you can go through the SAGM meeting minutes posted under council resources.

Written by: Aras Siddiqui