Study Spaces

Eileen Cornejo

As students, we know that a study space can make or break a study session. Some of us like complete silence, some of us like to have background noise, or maybe you like both? Whatever your preference is, we are sure that by now you have discovered your favourite study spot. However, we would like to propose some new study spaces for you so that hopefully you can find your new favorite!


Of course, number one on the list are all the amazing libraries at Mac. From Thode to Mills, the different libraries at Mac have a lot to offer. You can find quiet study floors, collaborative spaces, and everything in between.

Make sure to check out their hours on the Library’s website.


Another study spot on campus that might not be on your radar is the Peter George Center for Living and Learning (PGCLL).

Apart from being the newest rez on campus, PG includes multiple study spaces, like the study room on the mezzanine level and the multiple tables and benches found throughout the building.


Last but not least, you are always welcome at Hatch. Here, you can book study rooms through the MES website if you are looking to organize a group study session.

Alternatively, you can find a table at The second floor Junction, where your fellow engineering students will most likely be studying as well.


As much as we all love campus, sometimes we need a change of scenery. Just a short walk away from campus, you can get to Westdale, home to coffee shops and local restaurants. What is better than enjoying a hot (or cold) cup of coffee while studying for a test? Maybe even add a delicious dessert to go with it! This could be you, if you decide to study in Westdale.

Although it sounds like a really good time, please be mindful of the time you spend inside a location. With limited in-store dining, small shops might have to put a time limit to your visit, so please respect them and keep supporting local businesses.


To close off this article, we wanted to bring attention to the limited study spaces that Mac has to offer during the weekends. With exam season looming over us, more and more students will feel the need to use the libraries at Mac to catch up on their tasks. However, please be aware that Mills Library Commons, the only library open during the weekend, is also known as the only “quiet” space you won’t be shushed in. Explore and find your own silent study space, if Commons isn’t for you!