Support Programs for McMaster Students

The community at McMaster is exemplary welcoming, that there are various people and organizations that are always willing to help out other students. Whether you need advice from an upper year about which stream to go into after first year, the best places on campus to eat, or help with a job application, here are some of the mentorship programs you can sign up for at McMaster.

Archway Program

Archway is a novel program designed to support incoming first-year students in their transition to university academically, socially, and mentally in these challenging circumstances due to COVID-19. First years are connected with Archway mentors who are upper year students that will aid them in navigating the McMaster resources, provide support where necessary and help develop a sense of community by offering a variety of engagement opportunities. Support will be personalized for each student depending on their goals, interests and needs, and they will be connected to the right people on campus. In addition to personalized support, students will be part of a 35-student community based on their interests. The communities will be guided by Archway mentors and aligned with the university’s values, where social connections and larger group support will be facilitated.

MES Mentorship Program

The MES recognizes that getting used to university can be quite challenging in first year and runs its own mentorship program. Through this program, students will be matched with a current upper-year student who has similar interests and can offer advice and support throughout the school year. Mentors send monthly newsletters updating the stu