Thoughts From the Valley

“We’re so close to Silicon Valley… We’re working so hard… I so strongly believe we’ll make it there,” wide-eyed, I shared to my roommate late one night, “I can see it so clearly”.

“6PM in New York” was topping Spotify playlists, Elon’s biography had hit shelves just a few months prior; it was 2015, early in first semester of first year - boundless freshman optimism galore. But the years wore on and so did tough realizations. Over time it became increasingly apparent just how out of reach such a trajectory might be. Competition is fierce for such opportunities, let alone at a company like Tesla (with their half a million applicants for only two thousand positions this past year). Only a select few at the highest echelons of their field are ever even considered.

Fast forward to fourth year, in arguably my last chance to pursue this deeply sought aspiration, I made a wish. I submitted an application to the company of my dreams. To work under the greatest visionary of our time, pursuing the most personally inspiring, globally important mission I could fathom. In four fateful days in September, I went from writing my MCAT in New York, signing a lease back in Hamilton, interviewing for the job, and on the night of my first midterm - securing the position.

What a dream!