who are we? 

 About The Redsuits 

They’re a group of passionate upper-year Engineering, B.Tech, iBioMed, and Computer Science students that volunteer their time and energy to give first year students the best possible introduction to our programs. Our team is made up of students with a wide diversity of experiences, identities, and beliefs that are crucial in ensuring first years are welcome in their new home!

The Redsuits are a major component of Welcome Week celebrations from the very beginning. Historically, they work with Reps from every Faculty to move new students into their Rez buildings at the end of August, and teach the first years a couple new cheers along the way! The Reds spend the rest of their week guiding the first years through Welcome Week events, showing them around campus, and just generally being awesome. 

The job of a Redsuit doesn't end with Welcome Week, either. They have a duty to be role models for our students year-round, whether they're wearing their shiny coveralls or not. You can find them chaperoning Pub Nights, monitoring buses, and helping run events like Oksoberfest. Then there's perhaps the most important duty of a Redsuit - handing out DELICIOUS crackers outside first-year midterms and exams! Needless to say, MacEng wouldn't be the same without the Reds on campus. They're always on the lookout for new members - think you've got what it takes? 

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 Think you've got 

 What it takes? 

How do I become a Redsuit?

So you think you wanna be a Redsuit and maybe even plan Welcome Week?? The best thing about the Redsuits is that they’re made up of a diverse group of Mac Eng students, just like you! Applications will most likely come out in January of 2021. Historically, the application has included a written and interview component. Keep a look out for information on the MES website and social media to find out how YOU can apply!

What is the Orientation Committee and How Can I Join?
The Orientation Committee is a group of experienced upper-year Redsuits who take part in the planning of each year’s Welcome Week. The “Committee” is responsible for the selection of the Redsuit team, and organizes the individual events and initiatives for the brand new group of first year students that join the community each year. Committee is selected each year by the Co-Orientation Coordinators after submitting an application and going through an interview process.

Applications to be selected for the 2021 Welcome Week Orientation Committee are now open! Please complete BOTH of the forms linked below to apply. Note that only former Welcome Week Reps are eligible to apply. Applications for the Orientation Committee are due Thursday, January 28th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. Please read and follow all relevant instructions on the application document and contact coocs@macengsociety.ca for any questions, comments, or concerns!

What is a Co-Orientation Coordinator and How Do I Become One?
The Co-Orientation Coordinators (or Co-OCs) are the two fearless leaders of the Redsuit team, as well as the lead planners of each year’s Welcome Week from the Faculty of Engineering. They are responsible for selecting the Orientation Committee and for facilitating the Redsuit tryout process. By working with the Faculty of Engineering, the Student Success Centre, and a variety of other partners on and off campus, the Co-OCs ensure that Welcome Week is a rewarding experience for all involved. To become a Co-OC, pairs of two experienced upper-year Redsuits present a bid for Welcome Week. The Co-OCs are then chosen by members of the faculty.

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