Hear about your classmates' experiences and WHAT THE MES MEANS TO THEM.


Find out what you're paying for in your student fees and what we can do for you. Note that this budget breakdown is representative of the 2019-20 MES Operating Budget. 

MES Clubs and Teams - 32%

The MES supports over 20 Clubs and Teams that vary from equity and diversity clubs to car teams. Funding from the MES helps clubs and teams purchase supplies and equipment, run events, and attend conferences and competitions. Having so many groups under the MES umbrella means that there's something for every McMaster Engineering Student! Find out how you can get involved in a club or team, and hear testimonials from other students about how MES funding helps their group in the Clubs & Teams section of our website!

Finance & Administration - 15%

The MES is a well-oiled gear train that never stops running. Believe it or not, managing all of the services, events, clubs and teams, and a huge operating budget is no easy task! This fee is put towards financial administration (yawn, we know... but it's necessary), long term investments for the MES, and finally, running all of the MES advertisement campaigns so students can figure out what the heck the MES has going on!

Bottom line, this fee keeps the MES on the silky-smooth road to success!

Welcome Week - 12%

Everyone remembers their Welcome Week in first year. Remember how excited it made you feel to be a part of Mac Eng? The MES wants to continue giving that same excitement to first years that come to our door, and that is precisely what this funding is for!


External Conferences & Competitions - 7%

Ever wanted to attend a conference or competition but felt the cost was too steep? The MES always encourages the students of McMaster Engineering to broaden their horizons, and attending conferences and competitions is one way to do so; however, attending is not always financially feasible. McMaster Engineering students may apply for funding to attend conferences and competitions on the Finances page of our website!

Internal Events & Conferences - 7%

Here's a short breakdown of the events that we put our funding towards from this portion of your student fee: Ever heard of MES Pub Nights? Over 2500 students attend pub nights every academic year. They are a fun and safe way to explore Hamilton's club scene, and they are ALL AGES! Not into Pub Nights? This year ESSCO Annual General Meeting will be at McMaster University. Also, this year the MES will be running the First Year Experiential Conference (FYEC) for its second time; an initiative to help first years integrate into the Engineering Community. Interested in what's happening in the MES? Attend the Semi-Annual General Meetings (SAGM)! All of these events draw funds from this portion of the MES fee.

Executive Operations - 5%

The MES is always looking for new initiatives to improve the experiences of students in McMaster Engineering. Money from this fund helps the MES Executive Team propel Mac Eng into the future!

Sports - 5%

Yes, the MES has a sports fund! Why? Because sports are fun and good for you! This portion of the MES fee goes towards subsidizing Intramural Sports for McMaster Engineering students, and organizing super fun events and tournaments! You can apply for intramural subsidies on the Funding page in our website!

Department Clubs - 4%

Whether or not you are part of a club or team, you will always be part of your department club. Department clubs represent each individual stream of engineering. MES funding for each department club goes towards providing professional development opportunities and fun events to the students in that department. Reach out to your Department representative to learn more about your department club! You can find their contact info on the "Contact Us" page of our website!

Kipling - 3%

So you spend 4 to 7 years in school to be an Engineering graduate, and what comes at the end? KIPLING! This is a celebration for all graduating McMaster Engineering students. This portion of the MES fee is put towards the Kipling formal to say congratulations to our graduates!

Fireball - 3%

Fireball is the one time of year when all of McMaster Engineering puts away their sweatpants and pulls out their dancing shoes. Fireball is the annual Engineering formal and a ticket generally includes dinner, dance, and some cool swag! This is also where the next year's MES President is announced along with several other awards given out by the MES. Essentially, it's a great time and the money in this fund helps the MES put the whole shebang together!

McMaster Engineering Competition - 3%

MEC = A super cool Engineering competition for all levels of Engineering students! There are a variety of categories to compete in, and the MES encourages everyone to try it out (even if it's a little out of your comfort zone)! The money from this fund helps to make the competition a huge success with lots of student participation. Check out the events page on our website to learn more about MEC!

Special Projects - 2%

The MES likes to support as many groups as possible, and so the money in this fund goes to wards financially aiding groups that don't regularly receive funding from the MES. If you are an affiliate Club or Team, that is where your funding from the MES comes from. McMaster Engineering students may also apply for funding from Special Projects to help develop student projects. See our Finances page for more information!

Volunteer Appreciation - 2%

Simply, this fund is for saying thank you. The MES puts aside a small portion of its budget for getting all of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers some MES swag! Keep an eye on the MES social media for opportunities to volunteer!