Welcome Week 2020 

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A message from your co-oc's

Well hello friends, it is our absolute pleasure to WELCOME YOU TO THE MAC ENG FAMILY! On behalf of our entire community, we would like to say congratulations on all of your accomplishments that have led you to this moment. We are so excited and happy that you chose to join this wonderful community that you’ll be able to call home for the next 4-7 years. 


You’re probably asking yourself - “who the hell are these guys?” We’re Brendan “Frozen Assweats” Tomaiuolo and Ben “Daddy Dong Denier” Torres-Kulik, the Engineering Co-Orientation Coordinators for Welcome Week 2020. That means we have the absolute pleasure of leading over 140 upper-year engineering representatives (or Redsuits, but we’ll get to that in a second) in welcoming you to McMaster. The world is in a rather strange place right now, but one thing we can guarantee is that regardless of how uncertain everything may be, you can count on one thing: the students in this community will always be there to support you and cheer you on through your time here.



Now who are these Redsuits?!? We’re a group of passionate upper-year Engineering, B.Tech, iBioMed, and Computer Science students that volunteer our time and energy to give you the best possible introduction to our programs. Why would you want to listen to what we have to say? Cause we’ve been in your shoes! Although each and every one of you is a unique person that brings something new to our community, our team is made up of students with a wide diversity of experiences, identities, and beliefs that we would love to share with you. Want to learn about the clubs and teams we’ve been involved with? Ask a Redsuit! Want to learn more about the specifics of your courses? Ask a Redsuit!! Feeling overwhelmed and want someone to talk to? Ask a darn Redsuit!!!


While we’re sad that we’re not going to get to see you on campus for a little while, we’ll all be together again eventually and we can’t wait! Until that day comes, enjoy the Welcome Week that we’ve put together for all of you. Log in to our events and meet some new people! The next 4-7 years of your life can be some of the best, but only if you let them be! So make some connections, get involved with our events, and gEt hYpEd!


Thanks for coming out, mwah!


Ben “Daddy Dong Denier” Torres-Kulik & Brendan “Frozen Assweats” Tomaiuolo

A message from your President

You might not have known it, but ever since you accepted your offer to McMaster Engineering you became part of one of the most friendly, inclusive, and supportive communities there is! Let this be your formal welcome into our McMaster Engineering Community and all of the lifelong friendships, experiences, and opportunities that come along with it. Throughout your years at Mac, the McMaster Engineering Society (MES) will be here to support you every step of the way through our clubs & teams, intramural sports, academic supports, wellness, advocacy, social events, and in so many other ways that will make your experience here truly unique and memorable. Now that you’ve found your way to our website, feel free to look around and explore! This is your one-stop-shop for any and all information about what’s happening in our community and how you can get involved. But for now, get excited for Welcome Week and for starting your year at Mac, we can’t wait to meet you!


Alex Moica, McMaster Engineering Society President


 Welcome Week at a glance  

 What is the MES? 

Our mission and vision

The McMaster Engineering Society is a society consisting of and representing undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster. Formed in the fall of 1959, the MES has stayed true to its founding statement of fostering the development of well rounded undergraduate Faculty of Engineering students through accessible support of academics, athletics, and recreational and professional activities, while maintaining the integrity and unique traditions of our Faculty society. As one of the largest student groups on campus, we provide our students with both academic and experiential opportunities through our clubs & teams, tutoring/mentoring programs, and academic services, while also building our community through an abundance of social events such as coffee houses, pub nights, and games nights. The MES also promotes professional development and is proud to support students representing McMaster Engineering at various technical, social, and professional conferences across North America and on campus. It is important to note that the MES would not exist if it were not for all the passionate, driven, and caring individuals who volunteer their time to this organization. Now that you know a bit about us, stay a while and explore the website to learn more about what is offered to all of our MES members!

Our value to you


Our culture and traditions

Culture Coords.

 Nervous about first year? 

 We've got you covered. 

Academic Resources

Nervous about first year? Not sure if you are on the right track or need some help preparing for the upcoming test? The MES has you covered. We offer a variety of academic services, supports, and resources for you to take advantage of in pursuit of your academic goals. Need the support or advice of an upper year student? We’ve curated a fantastic mentorship program that will help you find just that. Need a textbook for one of your courses that doesn’t fit your budget? We’ve assembled our very own textbook library that continues to grow each year. If you’re looking to get more hands on help with a course you are struggling in, don’t worry. We have a great tutoring program that you can access to get in touch with a student who knows how to help. We also offer a variety of help and review sessions for upcoming midterms and finals, and have established partnerships with companies like Prep101 to offer free courses from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for limited offers throughout the year. Above all, if you are interested in getting involved with academics in our faculty, have an important issue related to your academics, or need any type of support, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are here to support you. For more info feel free to contact the Vice President Academic, Andrew D’Elia, at vp.academic@macengsociety.ca

Equity & Inclusion

Hello first years! My name is Brooklyn and I am this year’s Equity and Inclusion Officer for the MES. My job is to ensure that clubs, events and MES policy are equitable and inclusive for all members of the MES. I understand that I am not able to represent all perspectives or backgrounds so we have a feedback form available at https://forms.gle/AiopZsCPDrTUif8n7 for anyone to fill out if they have any equity-related suggestions or issues. One way to create an inclusive community is to ensure that everyone understands equity and inclusion and why they are important. If you would like to learn more about equity and inclusion here are a few helpful links that briefly cover topics such as bias, intersectionality, stereotype threat and allyship: 



Feel free to email me at equityofficer@macengsociety.ca if you have any questions! I’m looking forward to working together with you and creating a more inclusive campus community for all!

Mental health and wellness

As the MES Wellness Committee, we are dedicating ourselves to guiding you to the necessary resources to ensure that you have a successful first year at McMaster under the faculty of engineering! We will compliment the variety of support networks available to you on campus including the Student Wellness Centre, student helplines, open circles and the community of upper year mentors you will meet along the way. We'll be hosting a variety of knowledge building workshops throughout the year so that you learn more about the facets of your wellbeing and learning what works for you. You'll see us hosting  some fun (think Super Smash Bros) but also chill (think Bob Ross) events for you to destress from all the hard work you'll be putting in as a new member of our fireball family. At the end of the year, we wish that you take all of the lessons you have gathered and continue to apply them throughout your university career and lives! 

Get involved! 

There’s plenty of ways to get involved with the McMaster Engineering Society, and you can always find them on the website! Different opportunities such as what’s currently open, clubs and teams, conferences, and sports can all be found on this site under “Get Involved”. Committees include Social, Wellness, Sports, Sustainability, Culture, and many more! You can find the list of all the coordinators under “About Us”, “Contact Us” to reach out to coordinators if you want to get involved with their committee. Additionally, conferences are a great way to gain transferable skills and make connections with new people from other schools. There’s always a way to get involved, and there’s always something for somebody. If you ever need more help or information, you can contact the Vice President of Student Life, Erin Yusek, at vp.studentlife@macengsociety.ca. Getting involved with the MES is a fantastic way to earn valuable experience and skills!

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