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what is the mes?

our mission and vision

The McMaster Engineering Society is a society consisting of and representing undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering. Formed in the fall of 1959, the MES has stayed true to its founding statement of fostering the development of well-rounded undergraduate Faculty of Engineering students through accessible support of academics, athletics, and recreational and professional activities, while maintaining the integrity and unique traditions of our Faculty society. As one of the largest student groups on campus, we provide our students with both academic and experiential opportunities through our clubs & teams, tutoring & mentorship programs, and academic services, while also building our community through an abundance of social events such as coffee houses, pub nights, and game nights. The MES also promoted professional development and is proud to support students representing McMaster Engineering at various technical, social, and professional conferences across North America and on campus. It is important to note that the MES would not exist if it were not for all the passionate, driven, and caring individuals who volunteer their time to this organization. Now that you know a bit about us, stay a while and explore the website to learn more about what is offered to all of our MES members!

our value to you

For the duration of your time at Mac, the MES will be there to support you and make your university experience as enjoyable as possible. As students ourselves, we understand that the workload can get tough to handle. That's why we offer a wide variety of academic support, from our regular midterm prep sessions and tutoring subsidy to our expansive textbook library. We also recognize that many students in our faculty aim to accentuate their degrees with participation in clubs and teams. The largest chunk of our annual budget is devoted to partially funding expenses for equipment and travel to conferences and competitions, so we can ensure that as many students as possible have access to enriching experiences outside the classroom. When it's time to close your laptops and put your calculators and textbooks away, the MES is here to help you unwind. Our events range from relaxing Games Nights and Academic Flush to our famous Pub Nights and annual Fireball Formal. Rest assured that we're working hard to plan exciting events for you within the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. We're positive that your experience this year will be as fun and fulfilling as possible - and yes, you should be excited!

our culture and traditions

McMaster Engineering Culture is what makes our community feel like home and your time here unforgettable. Bringing a well-rounded Mac Eng student experience focused on our community, both as it relates to on campus and our greater Hamilton community. Events we as students look forward to are MES Canada Day, Pi Day, and Santa Hog. If you are interested in getting to know more about our community make sure to attend one of our bi-weekly Academic Flush Board Game Cafés on Friday afternoons.

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