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nervous about first year?
we've got you covered.

academic resources

Nervous about first year? Not sure if you're on the right track or need some help preparing for the upcoming test? The MES has you covered. We offer a variety of academic services, supports, and resources for you to take advantage of in pursuit of your academic goals. Need the support or advice of an upper year student? We’ve curated a fantastic mentorship program that will help you find just that. Need a textbook for one of your courses that doesn’t fit your budget? We’ve assembled our very own textbook library that continues to grow each year. If you’re looking to get more hands on help with a course you are struggling in, don’t worry. We have a great tutoring program that you can access to get in touch with a student who knows how to help. We also offer a variety of help and review sessions for upcoming midterms and finals, and have established partnerships with companies like Prep101 to offer free courses from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for limited offers throughout the year. Above all, if you are interested in getting involved with academics in our faculty, have an important issue related to your academics, or need any type of support, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are here to support you. For more info feel free to contact the Vice President Academic at

equity and inclusion

Hello first years! My name is Jasmine and I am this year’s Equity and Inclusion Officer for the MES. My job is to ensure that clubs, events and MES policy are equitable and inclusive for all members of the MES. I understand that I am not able to represent all perspectives or backgrounds so we have a feedback form available at:  


for anyone to fill out if they have any equity-related suggestions or issues. One way to create an inclusive community is to ensure that everyone understands equity and inclusion and why they are important. If you would like to learn more about equity and inclusion here are a few helpful links that briefly cover topics such as bias, intersectionality, stereotype threat and allyship:


Feel free to email me at if you have any questions! I’m looking forward to working together with you and creating a more inclusive campus community for all!

mental health and wellness

As the MES Wellness Committee, we are dedicating ourselves to guiding you to the necessary resources to ensure that you have a successful first year at McMaster under the faculty of engineering! We will compliment the variety of support networks available to you on campus including the Student Wellness Centre, student helplines, open circles and the community of upper year mentors you will meet along the way. We'll be hosting a variety of knowledge building workshops throughout the year so that you learn more about the facets of your wellbeing and learning what works for you. You'll see us hosting some fun (think Super Smash Bros) but also chill (think Bob Ross) events for you to destress from all the hard work you'll be putting in as a new member of our fireball family. At the end of the year, we wish that you take all of the lessons you have gathered and continue to apply them throughout your university career and lives!

get involved!

There’s plenty of ways to get involved with the McMaster Engineering Society, and you can always find them on the website!


Different opportunities including clubs and teams, conferences, and sports can all be found on this site under the Get Involved tab in the menu.


There are also MES Committees which include Social, Wellness, Sports, Sustainability, Culture, and many more! These committees are chaired by our appointed coordinators, and you can find the list of them under Council -> Appointed Coordinators.


There’s always a way to get involved, and there’s always something for everyone. If you ever need more help or information, you can contact the Vice President of Student Life, Sheridan Fong, at Getting involved with the MES is a fantastic way to earn valuable experience and skills!

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