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External COnferences

These are conferences held by external engineering organizations such as ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario) and CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students). Engineering students from many different schools come to attend these conferences.

Professional Engineers of Ontario - Student Conference (PEO-SC)

Location: Carleton University (Ottawa)
Dates: October 14th - 16th, 2022

The Professional Engineers of Ontario Student Conference is primarily focused towards preparing students in their final year of schooling for taking on the engineering workforce, starting to work towards their P-Eng and all the opportunities that are available to them.

The conference brings in professionals from PEO, those who have completed their degrees and many other representatives of engineers in the workforce to provide students with a unique perspective on how they can acclimate to working post graduation. Many students are sometimes unaware of all of the doors completing their degrees will open, the conference aims to address this through its programming.

Conference on Diversity (CDE)

Location:  University of Manitoba (Winnipeg)
Dates: November 17th - 19th, 2022

This conference focuses on EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) such as gaining understanding on issues minorities face in engineering, how we can make our communities more inclusive and other important discussions surrounding the engineering experience and diversity. Students will have the opportunity to meet and hear from successful and talented speakers who will share their experience and knowledge on how to embrace diversity to better address the complex, interdisciplinary problems of society.

First Year Integration Conference (FYIC)

Location: McMaster University (Here!!!!)
Dates: November 25th - 27th 2022

An amazing opportunity for first years to get informed about, and involved in, all the things that engineering student societies have to offer. From learning what ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario) and CFES (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students) do to getting to know other awesome first years, this is truly a great experience!

Canadian Engineering Leadership Conference (CELC)

Location: University of Calgary
Dates: January 2023, 2023

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a wide variety of topics from many different viewpoints. From industry partners and sponsors sharing ways to improve personal and professional skills to fellow students having in-depth discussions about important topics. This is a conference to gain knowledge and share ideas with peers and professionals alike.

Conference on Advocacy and Leadership in Engineering (ESSCO CALE)

Location: University of Guelph
Dates: February, 2023

CALE is centered around promoting leadership from attendees by providing the opportunity to take part in elections, meet student leaders from across the province, and find themselves inspired to continue seeking leadership opportunities. Delegates will have the opportunity to contribute ideas to ESSCO’s advocacy initiatives and develop their own initiatives in a case competition. 

Conference on Sustainability (CSE)

Location: University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Dates: February 9th - 11th, 2022

This conference aims to raise awareness about issues in sustainability in all fields of engineering, and allows students from across the country to discuss how they can tackle sustainability and environmental issues within their engineering career and everyday life. This conference is great for both those that are invested in sustainability and those who are new to the field. 

INTERNAL conferences 

These are conferences hosted by McMaster and at McMaster throughout the year. They are a great way to learn about a variety of different topics while staying within the MacEng community!

First Year experiential Conference (FYEC)

Location: McMaster University
Dates: September, 2022

The First Year Experiential Conference is a conference designed to introduce students in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster to the many amazing opportunities and resources available to them. Sessions include those focused on Academic Advising, ECCS, CFES, MSU, ESSCO, MES clubs and teams, undergraduate research, entrepreneurship, and mental wellness.

McMaster Engineering Competition (MEC)

Location: McMaster Univserity
Dates: November, 2022

MEC is focused on allowing students from all disciplines of engineering to showcase their skills in a fun and challenging weekend! From design, to debate, to bio-engineering, and much more, there is no other engineering competition quite like this one at McMaster! Winners will advance to the Ontario Engineering Competition, and if successful, the Canadian Engineering Competition.

Leadership Development Conference (LDC)

Location: McMaster Univserity
Dates: February - March, 2023

The Leadership Development Conference focuses on the development of professional skills to prepare students to take on the engineering workforce. This event will feature student panels, guest speakers and networking opportunities. The skills gained from this conference can help to boost your confidence and professional attitude when applying for co-op and jobs after graduation!

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