MES 2020-2021 ELECTIONS 

 important dates & info. 

MES Council General Elections are upon us! Shoot your shot at the chance to represent your students to Council and the Faculty. Read on to find out more about the available positions!

General By-Elections:

Campaigning: April 5 8:00 AM EST - April 9 11:59 PM EST

Elections: April 10 8:00 AM EST - April 14 4:00 PM EST

See below for additional information on the still-available positions, and please refer to the MES Bylaws linked below for details on the roles and responsibilities of the President and B.Tech Representative.

 Who's Running? 


 Vice President, student life 

Sheridan_Fong - Sheridan Fong.jpg

Sheridan FOng

Samia Anwar - Samia Anwar.jpg

Samia Anwar

 Department/Program Representatives 

16162689818551748622183700338516 - Saad

Saad Baig

Engineering & Society

MES Picture - Anahita Martyn.jpg

Anahita Martyn

Engineering & Society

 What can i run for? 

 Department/Program Representatives 

Further information on the position can be found in the MES Policy Manual (Section B.4.1 - B.4.2)

To be nominated, you must collect 10 e-signatures (Full name and student number) from any undergraduate student in the Department or Program you are running to represent. You must be a student registered in the Department/Program (i.e. only iBioMed students can run for iBioMed Program Representative).