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 Culture and traditions 

 The Fireball 

The Fireball is the official symbol of McMaster Engineering. It historically comes from the coat of arms from Hamilton College. The McMaster Faculty of Engineering emerged from Hamilton College and was founded in 1958 and adopted the red fireball as it’s symbol in 1960. It is used by both students and the faculty academic excellence and faculty pride. On a symbolic level the fireball represents that energy runs through all disciplines of science and engineering. 

 The Redsuits 

The McMaster Redsuits are the awesome group of students that volunteer as Engineering Representatives during Welcome Week. They promote engineering spirit in our community. You can also see them volunteering at MES events throughout the year and handing out crackers at exam time. If you’re interested in being involved with the Redsuits, Tryouts usually happen in February. 

 PI Day 

A Charity fundraiser in support of the Hamilton Ronald McDonald House. This event occurs annually on March 14th (3.14 = pi, if you didn’t pick up on that). We raise money by providing the opportunity for people to pie notable people in the community.

 MES Canada Day 

We’re not around on campus on July 1st to celebrate Canada Day, so we thought it would be better to bring Canada Day to us. Hosted in January, we try to celebrate all of the most amazing parts of Canada and bring them to our Engineering Community. Some highlights include a Pancake breakfast and mini curling!

 Academic Flush 

Academic Flush is a bi-weekly board game café run by the MES Culture Committee. Snacks are provided to everyone, and all in the faculty of Engineering are welcomed, especially first years. Giving attendees a chance to relax and de-stress every other week. Stop by for a chance to play some of our Mac Eng Custom board games or a game of Euchre.

 Other MacEng Traditions 

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