2023-2024 Team
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Eddy Neufeld
Software Engineering, Level V

Hello! It is my joy and honour to be serving as your President this year! After a year-long hiatus on co-op, I'm back for my last year. My goals are to revitalize the spirit and image of the MES for everyone involved. Whether its professional development, investing in our future, or just building up the legacy of MacEng. I plan for a more cohesive and engaged team to give us the best experience possible. Book a meeting with me! https://calendar.app.google/QzW93DuRjtdpUmqP7
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Vice President, Academic

Alexis Moutafis-Tymcio
Software And Biomedical Engineering, Level III

Hey there, I'm Alexis and I'm your VP Academic this year! I'm going into my third year of Software + iBioMed. (I'm sooo original) In my role, I plan major academic events like Back2School Week and the Iron Pin Ceremony. I also liaise with the faculty and advocate for students' academic concerns. I'm super excited to increase awareness about the MES's academic offerings and get more insights into student wellness this year. If you ever see me on campus, please stop me and say hi!! <3
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Vice President, Communications

Mason Wu
Mechanical Engineering, Level III

Hey my friends, my name is Mason and I am your VP Communication for this year. Follow our IG and TikTok tho: @macengsociety. If you don't follow, I will come fine you and... Anyways, part of my responsibility is to maintain all our social media platforms and publications! Feel free to come to my office hours and we can have a nice chat! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, bye bye :)
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Vice President, External

Simone Ocvirk
Software Engineering and Management, Level V

Hi everyone! My name is Simone and I am currently in my 5th year of Software Engineering and Management. I am this years VPX and so excited about it! This year I am also involved in MEC and the Drain! At any given day, you can find me wondering around Hatch procrastinating my assignments. :P
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Vice President, Internal

Luke Schuurman
Mechatronics Engineering & Society, Level V

Hello everyone! I am returning from co-op and I am excited to be this year's VP Internal. This is the first year the VPI position exists and my priorities lie in establishing this position to be successful long-term. My role largely entails ensuring the MES is operating smoothly, accountably, and transparently with other organizations, including our clubs & teams, university faculty and administration, and all students. You can usually find me in Hatch. Feel free to stop by and chat at any time.
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Vice President, Finance

Spring Fu
Engineering Physics, Level III

Hihis :D! I'm Spring and I'm so excited to be this year's VP, Finance. TLDR, I'm the nerd with the spreadsheets that plays with numbers (about 1 million this year :o), and everything that goes along with that! Essentially, making sure MES doesn't go up in flames. When I'm not playing with money, I'm hanging out with my cat, singing, sewing, or vibing in the office; so if you see me please don't be a stranger (and come see photos of my cat!) ☺️
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Vice President, Student Life

Ayesha Basu
Chemical & iBiomed Eng, Level III

Hello!! From one Student-With-A-Life to another, I’m honoured to be trusted with your student life as an engineer this year. Get ready for everything from pub nights to academic flushes to wellness events to sports tournaments this year because you deserve it all! Also if you’re reading this far you deserve more than just the promise of future events, so stop by the MES office during my office hours for a little treat :) This picture was taken by my beloved friend Chantal.