Student Funding
Special Projects
What is special projects?
A new initiative is underway! Special Projects, run by AJ Kourabi and Hannah Fabik, is where you can ask for funding on personal side projects and online certificates.

No more getting stuck in your goals because of pesky money problems! The MES encourages students to achieve their dreams, and this is one way we can help you with it.
For more information or any questions you may have, contact [email protected].
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Project Rubric
Alignment with Faculty
  • Project is related to engineering.
Cost effectiveness
3 Points
  • Project budget is detailed and reasonable for materials/equipment needed.
  • Applicant has shown reasonable effort in finding cost-effective options.
Necessity of Funding
3 Points
  • Applicant has demonstrated lack of access to existing resources to complete project.
Purpose and Impact
3 Points
  • Project has a clear purpose and project outcomes will provide applicant with valuable skills or serve a wider community need.
3 Points
  • Project plan and timeline are realistic and achievable.
  • Applicant has necessary knowledge, skills, and capacity to execute project OR has showcased sufficient interest in learning required skills.
Applications will be reviewed in 1 week, 2 weeks in exceptional cases. We will reply to all applicants.

Please spend all the money granted to you in the academic year to receive all reimbursements.